Not yet winter, no longer summer: autumn cuddles us with the summer holiday reminiscences and attracts us with the promise of winter’s freezing but merry days.


Even though temperatures and weather in October aren’t so extreme in Italy, fall has definitely its own identity when it comes to colors and tastes: nuances ranging from core to rust and red-purple that remind us of the color of the earth and its warmth; and the first fruits and their intense flavors to be fully enjoyed in their – short – seasonality.


Sweet and bitter are the north and the south of Italy’s autumnal tastes, together with some sour hints: in our markets you’ll find pumpkins of all shapes, the first head of red radicchio, chestnuts and pomegranates offering you an explosion of wonderful colors; and now that the summer heat and its frugal meals are over, Italy gets back to its culinary traditions and start to cook again.


As the temperatures get low and the days shorter, we all start to appreciate again the warmth of our homes and gathering around a crackling fireplace: in this atmosphere chestnuts can’t be forgotten. In Italy we pick them with our families and friends during the warmest hours of the day and we boil them or roast them with a particular pan that has a pierced bottom. However, if you want to test something new, add to your chestnuts a small piece of aged goat cheese and a sip of a sweet passito wine, such as Recioto di Gambellara o Torcolato and let us know what you think about the pairing.


Autumn can definitely be sweet and cheerful but if you can’t help regretting summer, the scent of the sea and its tastes why don’t you indulge in a selection of raw fish – oysters, fish eggs, shellfish, carpaccio – and dare! How? We suggest you to enjoy the fish with a high quality gin. Our selection is the Tanqueray Rangpur that magnificently pairs with the raw fish thank to its marked citrous scent.


Buon appetito and cin cin!