Food travel: unforgettable experiences beyond traditional tourist destinations.


When visiting Italy don’t miss the chance to take part in one of our gourmet food tours or live an unforgettable culinary experience.

In the last years food travel has become a growing trend in the leisure industry, attracting tourists of all ages and countries. Not only are restaurants selected very carefully to sample the best local or regional cuisine; vacations are now designed to combine traditional activities with culinary tours or gastronomy tours.

Beyond all statistical data, at Schatzitaly we believe that the growing popularity of food tours reflects the need of the modern food traveller to find a sense of place:  any traveling gourmet aims to authentically experience a travel destination through its most typical food & wines.

This is why more and more tourists visiting Venice, Verona, the Garda Lake and the Dolomites move over to explore some less-discovered destinations, and try to organize their own culinary tours or wine tours through the internet or with the help of the local tourist offices. However, this requires a great deal of organization and work, as we at Schatzitaly well know!

For this reason we have decided to specialize in offering you more than simple food tours: with Schatzitaly you will live unique and immersive gourmet experiences!

Our gastronomy tours are not just a collection of producers to be visited one after the other. What we do is to look for a leitmotif deeply linked to the local traditions and culture, which will become the thread running through the plot of your personal tale. YOU will meet our “food & wine artisans”, who will tell you about their story, their passions and their job.

During your food tour with Schatzitaly you will be guided by our food & wine experts, who will mentor you during the tastings and the amazing activities you will share and experience with your loved ones. Because experiencing by doing is the only way to feel like the main character of your tailor-made culinary tour!

So…if you are a fan of the food travel, contact us: we will help you pack your journey with flavour!


Schatzitaly organizes authentic food&wine events for your culinary vacations in Italy. Whether you are traveling to Lake Garda, Trentino or Veneto, experience our first rate, all-inclusive itineraries for curious and discerning Food and Wine enthusiasts, who want to be surprised by the amazing Italian products.


With Schatzitaly you can discover the most fascinating shores of Garda Lake and the hidden gems of Trentino and Veneto through their Food and Wine artisan productions.