Food tourism has gained increasing attention over the last few years: for many tourists, gastronomy and local food culture have become a central aspect of their travel experience. This is why we are focused on offering you authentic food tours in North Italy.

At Schatzitaly we design customizable food tours with the unique benefits of our ‘full service’ approach: not only we carefully select local artisanal food producers and professional chefs to offer you the chance to get to know the culture and lifestyle of a territory through its gastronomy. We also guide you personally throughout the entire culinary experience – from the selection of the most suitable gastronomy tour, its designing according to your needs, to the mentoring during the tour.

We are not a travel agency nor a tour operator selling any possible kind of tours. We are experience designers for passionate food travelers and are exclusively committed to the food and wine tourism. This is why we don’t mix food tourism with other activities such as sightseeing or sport; this is why our mentors are multilingual food and wine experts and not tour guides; this is why our discerning guests are so enthusiast of our culinary tours!

Thank to the mutual cooperation and the tight relationship we have with both local producers and chefs we are able to design authentic food activities for couples and small groups and to customize them according to your inclinations and interests. During our food tours we grant you first rate experiences with a personal touch, a direct contact with the producers and time for each individual need. An example? Sheryl from Australia wanted to spend a special day with her sister living in Italy. She decided to attend our Easter Monday Picnic and this is her feedback:

“What a wonderful enjoyable day. Marta was very professional & I would highly recommend her as a guide. I was the only English speaking person on the tour and Marta and her staff were very inclusive. She translated, answered my questions and explained where needed. If you would like to do a similar food tour, don’t hesitate to book as it was a very Italian experience enjoyed thoroughly by all who attended”

So if you are planning a journey to Veneto or Trentino and you would like to live a real Italian food travel experience, don’t hesitate to contact us! Tell us what your food interests are and what is on your mind: we will do our best to design and offer you a satisfying food tour to make your Italian vacations memorable!


With Schatzitaly you can discover the most fascinating shores of Garda Lake and the hidden gems of Trentino and Veneto through their Food and Wine artisan productions.