Want to discover the Veneto from an authentic and savory point of view? Wine tasting tours and food tours are the latest trend to experience the real Italian life style, not only in Venice or Verona.

When thinking about the Veneto, the mind immediately flies to the beautiful shores of the Lake Garda, to the spectacular views in the Dolomites, to the long sandy beaches of Jesolo, to the elegant and fascinating architectures of Venice, Verona, Padua and Vicenza. But wait..have you ever thought that Veneto might also be the ideal setting for your food travel experiences? And what about a wine tour to taste the traditional wines of the area?

More and more tourists love to combine the traditional sightseeing with a journey in the Italian Dolce Vita, very often represented by the local food, gastronomy and beverage product. An increasing number of tourists discover Italian food and its rituals during culinary tours and wine tasting tours, that tell and teach a lot about the people and the culture of an area, especially when they unveil visitors the most authentic specialties and traditions of a region.

If you are keen on food tourism or are a passionate wine lover, you are probably familiar with Prosecco, Amarone and Valpolicella, maybe also with Lugana and Recioto, but have you ever heard about “Gruajo” – a delicious red wine whose name comes from the dialect word for “raw”, due to the fact that even the most mature bunches keep some green berries? Or have you ever enjoyed the typical cheeses of the hilly area of Vicenza, such as Asiago or Castelgrotta and Torrione, with “Pan Biscotto” and a sip of the sweet wine Torcolato? We are also quite sure you haven’t heard yet about a wine tour on Vespaiolo, the indigenous white grape of Breganze that matches perfectly with Baccalà alla Vicentina – traditional recipe for the codfish.

Lene from Norway was looking for a food tour or a wine tasting tour for her and her friends; the group knew Lake Garda and its surroundings very well so we tried to surprise them with an original customized gastronomy tour. It was not easy to convince the entire group to explore hidden corners of Veneto but at the end we succeeded and this is Lene’s review on Facebook:

“Tired of the fixed streamlined tours? If you want something different just ask Marta!! I do not think you will regret!”

All over Veneto you can taste and shop excellent wines and typical products. However, the most typical and traditional are often not easy to find and taste for a tourist, unless you are accompanied by a local guide. So if you are keen on learning more about the real Italian products or tasting them with a food and wine expert during your food travels or in a wine tour, do not hesitate to contact us!


With Schatzitaly you can discover the most fascinating shores of Garda Lake and the hidden gems of Trentino and Veneto through their Food and Wine artisan productions.