Before the harvest starts, we’ve spent a hole morning with Denis, winemaker in the DOC area of Breganze, to ask him how his winery gets ready for the most decisive moment of the year.


Welcome at Boscodivino

On the hills of San Giorgio in Perlena, a village in the province of Vicenza, there is the very first organic and vegan winery of the DOC area Breganze; it is called Boscodivino and was founded in 2013. A small production – about 5000 bottles per year and only three wines, a spumante, a white wine from the local grape variety Vespaiola and a blend of Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot – with an excellent quality, that is the result of a meticulous viticulture, as Denis – one of the owners – told us during a highly interesting interview.

“We are very often told that we care about unimportant details and that we too often sacrifice quantity for quality; but this is exactly Boscodivino’s philosophy! Our aim is to harvest grapes that are at their best so that we don’t need to operate a lot on the must after the harvest. Our wines are the results of the efforts we make in the vineyards and not in the cellar”.


Merlot grapes after defoliation

Thank to the strict organic and vegan standards that Boscodivino implement in its vineyards, there is not too much to do before the harvest: “On the red grapes we practice a light defoliation, not only because we want to make the picking of the grapes faster, but because we want to have dry and healthy grapes. We keep on checking the ripening profile of the grapes with frequent chemical analysis: we check the sugar level of course but also the organic acids content, because we need to preserve freshness- an importante feature in our wines, that have to last in time and be very pleasant to drink”.


Vineyards before mowing

Now – August, 30 – the vineyards at Boscodivino are a knot of leaves, grapes ad grass: “We don’t weed, so a couple of days before the harvest we need to mow“ says Denis “ f we harvest on different days we also mow on different days”. Last but not least, the preparation of the harvesting crates: “We accurately wash the bins before any use to avoid any contamination. The crates for the spumante grapes have perforated bottoms; any moisture can drain out from the bins and thus we prevent any unwanted fermentation”.


Different harvesting crates for different grapes