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Information for PARTICIPANTS

If you have any doubt or request do not hesitate to contact us! The Schatzitaly team will be glad to answer you as soon as possible.

  • Experience without comparison

    Not only food and wine, but also surrounding, people and knowledge. Schatzitaly days are a unique occasion to meet the best producers of Trentino and Veneto, that will unveil the values and projects behind their products.

  • Your satisfaction first of all

    Schatzitaly hosts only small groups to grant a first rate experience, with personal touch, direct contact with the producers and time for each individual need.

  • Zero worries

    For a day you can simply enjoy, we will take care of everything. Schatzitaly will be in charge of transport, chaperoning and your satisfaction, without neglecting a thing.

  • Tailor made service

    Think about a day where every and each moment is created around you. Schatzitaly give you the opportunity to create tailor made itineraries.


Unique team building experiences, a party with friends or simply an unforgettable unique present, Schatzitaly will give you the opportunity to enjoy an unique day; meet our ‘’Artigiani del Gusto’’ and  you, your friends, loved ones or colleagues will have the chance to unveil their deepest trade secrets. Would you like to sample the best Trento Wines, indulge in a chocolate bliss moment or take part in a cooking class to rediscover unique culinary traditions? Schatzitaly can offer you the tailor-made experience of your choice.